Passion in our company name

We are a comprehensive developer responsible for web, mobile, VR/AR/metaverse, Dapps, and application development.
We are an organization that is passionately in love with digital ”creation.”
We embed our commitment to continue ”creation” and live happily in our company name.

The name ”Fignny” is a coined term combining Fin (fin, flipper) + Ignition (ignition, ignition device).
It is a term that likened us, at the time of establishment, to fry hatched from eggs swimming in a vast ocean filled with formidable enemies, using the sole weapon of a fin and following the instinctual flame of ”survival.”

What does ”fin” mean to us?
It signifies the power to ”think.”
This is because in various industries using computers, there are changes of a different dimension from ten years ago.

  • From simple system efficiency by IT to a transformation in work style by DX
  • Practical use of self-driving cars
  • Transition from self-checkout to unmanned convenience stores
  • Delivery by drones
  • Online apparel customer service
  • Automated anime production by AI
  • Proof of uniqueness of digital assets by NFT
  • Advanced app development by non-engineers using no-code tools

What is common among these is the idea of ”services that do not require people or experts.”
We developers are no exception, and in the future, development companies below a certain level will be phased out.
That's why, to compete as developers in this world, we believe that above all, what is needed is the power to ”continue thinking and solving problems,” rather than ”financial strength” or ”novelty.”

And energy, in the form of ”flame,” is also necessary to sustain thinking.
The source of this flame springs from qualities deeply rooted in a person's nature, such as ”curiosity,” ”passion,” ”regret,” ”anger,” and others that persistently remain.
We commit to always possessing these two elements and continuing digital creation.

We would be grateful to encounter companions and customers who find us intriguing and to walk together.

Thank you very much for reading until the end.

December 19th, 2021



Keisuke Satomi

Dropped out of Doshisha University's Faculty of Economics.

Despite being in the humanities field, I became a programmer with a strong desire to create online games. Since then, I have gained experience in over 10 development environments, including e-commerce, video streaming, social online games, big data analytics platforms, and VR. I am a self-taught programmer with comprehensive technical skills.

Received the Grand Prize at the 2008 programming contest organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


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