Accept change and instability and continue to think through any situation

The fact that any company, even a large one, can go out of business is a testament to the instability of this world. In order to survive in such an unstable world, we strongly feel that it is necessary to have the ability to always think for oneself. Our company wants to be a group of such independent thinkers.

In order to realize this vision, we have set forth 11 core values. For example, ”tackle unknown problems without fear of failure,” ”start from a self-initiated perspective,” and ”teach methods, not answers. We have a web conference once a month where everyone participates, during which we share and discuss these core values. I myself try to convey why they are important by sharing episodes. In addition, the member who best embodies the core values at that meeting is awarded the monthly MVP award, which is also incorporated into personnel evaluations to encourage further penetration of the core values. There are three main characteristics of our company culture.

  • Everyone is equal: an engineer who joined us as a new graduate in March 2020 achieved very high results in algorithm testing, so we put him in charge of a fascinating technical area of work.
  • No fear of failure: on the first image recognition AI project we were awarded in 2019, in the absence of experienced engineers, we worked on Convolutional Neural Networks and brought the project to a successful conclusion.
  • Responsibility from start to finish: We are responsible not only for developing the software according to specifications, but also for extracting the specifications to meet the true needs of our clients.

Furthermore, our ”Engineers First” policy means that we focus on the development of our engineers. We have adopted the trending technologies of the future, such as Rust, Python, and Flutter, to create an environment in which engineers can be active over the long term.

Also, as an engineer myself, I am able to provide an environment where I can take on challenges while gaining an understanding of any technical gaps or feasibility issues that may arise.

In our company, which is primarily a remote work environment, we have a chat group where individuals can share their musings. This allows our team to feel a sense of unity even when working remotely.

We are looking for people who have a lifelong commitment to learning, who can look at themselves first when negative events occur, and who can embrace and enjoy anxiety. If you want to grow with us, come to us. We offer the perfect environment to do so.


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