Voluntary Engineers

Nationally, in-house development has become the norm, and having an in-house engineering team is becoming common sense for companies. However, it is a challenging task to consistently cultivate engineers and simultaneously progress with development.

Voluntary Engineers fosters an engineering culture where engineers not only possess technical skills but also proactively identify and solve challenges, thereby producing a proactive engineering culture within your development organization.

To Business Owners and

Internal Engineering Development Managers

Are you facing any of

these challenges?

Lack of resources to cultivate

new graduate engineers

Want to upskill internal staff

to become engineers

Looking to internalize

outsourced systems

Voluntary Engineers

has the solution!
As a development company that actually undertakes system and application development projects,
we have the expertise to cultivate self-driving engineers who excel as professionals.

5 Key Features of 'Voluntary Engineers'


Emphasis on Output and Comprehension through Practical Implementation

The curriculum is structured with 80% output and 20% input, ensuring that participants achieve an increase in implementation skills by tackling coding tasks equivalent to or exceeding those of actual engineers in the field.

Furthermore, since understanding existing code and specifications is a common task in the field, there are ample curricula focused on source code comprehension.


Live Coding Demonstrations

Real-time implementation demonstrations by instructors allow participants to learn valuable information firsthand, such as the thought process and design perspectives of seasoned professionals.

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Instructors with 10+ Years of Experience

It is often said that the level of the first instructor determines the ceiling of one's growth. Therefore, Voluntary Engineers selects instructors who have been actively involved in development for 10 or more years, focusing on those with a reputation for their teaching methods.

Tailored to Your Company's Specific Skill Set

Programming languages, frameworks, databases, and architectures used vary from company to company. At Voluntary Engineers, we conduct a thorough pre-training interview to understand your company's skill set and construct a customized training curriculum that perfectly matches your needs.

Emphasis on Cultivating Company Culture through Team Development

Team development activities are conducted in the latter part of the curriculum. We thoroughly interview and incorporate the review processes and culture specific to each company, fostering a company culture through development.

Cultivating culture is often challenging to achieve solely through internal engineers. However, Voluntary Engineers places great importance on this aspect, resulting in increased company commitment and lower employee turnover rates.

Training Curriculum and Contents

We create customized curricula based on the supported languages, frameworks, and development-related skills, providing training programs of either 3 or 6 months in duration.


Example of Basic Curriculum Flow


Introduction to Key Instructors

Only instructors with a reputation for their teaching methods, more than 10 years of engineering experience, and who are currently active in development are employed.


Keisuke Satomi

Areas of Expertise: Server-side, xR


Areas of Expertise: iOS, Android


Areas of Expertise: iOS, Embedded Systems

Order Placement Process

Based on the steps of conducting a consultation on 'what kind of training you would like,'

we will propose the most suitable curriculum for you.



If you are considering our service, please feel free to contact us through the .

Free Consultation

Our engineers will be pleased to discuss and understand your requirements regarding the content of the training (languages, frameworks, and related skills) and duration, among other details.

Quotation Submission and Order Placement

We will create and submit a quotation based on the training content and any other requirements.

Once you place the order, the training will commence at your desired timing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a need for engineer training in an era where AI can do the coding?


Yes, engineer training is still necessary in the AI era.

While AI has high coding capabilities, it is still limited in terms of design and performance considerations. Additionally, AI-generated code output is limited, so it is the role of humans to connect the generated AI code and optimize the design, especially for medium-sized and larger projects.


I am in my late 30s and currently in an administrative position. Is it possible for me to transition to an engineering career?


Yes, there are numerous successful examples of career transitions.

However, to become a serious engineer, you need to be prepared to dedicate your leisure time to learning and make a commitment to it.


Why does it seem more expensive compared to other schools? What sets it apart?


The biggest difference lies in the focus on 'becoming an engineer who can independently solve problems and take initiative.'

While other schools may offer pattern-based lessons and rely heavily on passive learning through videos, our approach is different. We provide customized curricula based on your company's skill set, prioritize problem-solving skills and a thinking-based teaching approach, and have dedicated instructors with over 10 years of experience who are still actively engaged in development.

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